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Veteran Nigerian Comedian Donates Mansion As Coronavirus Isolation Center



COVID-19 is still spreading like a wild bush fire. While some countries have reached their peak, others are still in the exponential phase. According to the World Health Organization, the key to defeating the virus lies in testing, isolation, contact tracing, and treatment. For isolation to be effective, every country needs ample coronavirus isolation centers. However, in Nigeria, that is a far cry.

To help bridge this gap, veteran Nigerian comedian, Francis Agoda (I Go Dye) donated his mansion to the Federal Government of Nigeria to be used as a coronavirus isolation center. Announcing the donation through an Instagram post, the comedian said it was a gift to humanity. The mansion is located in Benin City, Edo State. Revealing his motive for the donation, the comedians said,

“Humanity will overcome all its challenges only if we are willing to let go of the things we are not using for now for the benefit of others. In view of the increasing cases of coronavirus patients in Nigeria and the few screening centers available for now, I’m deeply worried. We will be making humanitarian sacrifices towards contributing our selfless deeds to control the escalating records of coronavirus as predicted by WHO.”

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I'M  DONATING MY NEW FAPOH ROYAL SEAL MANSION TO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA TO USE IT AS AN ISOLATION CENTRE. Humanity will overcome all its challengens only if we are willing to let  go of the things we are not using for now for the benifit of others. In view of the increasing cases of #coronavirus patients in Nigeria, and  the few screening centres available for now, I'm deeply worried. We will be making humanitarian sacrifices towards  contributing our selfless deeds to control the escalating records  of the #coronavirus as predicted by WHO. When I wrote an open letter to Mr President on the 5th of Apri 2020 on how we can control the spread of the convid-19, it was only 210 cases, today it moving towards a thousand. We should be proactive if we hope to win this global war,that has no boundaries,no discrimination and unfortunately indestructible for now. Against this backdrop, and the ongoing  lock down, the few services left has been put on hold at the ongoing  FAPOH Royal Seal Mansion project site. I feel convinced to donate  this my new  FAPOH Royal Seal Mansion to the Federal Government to used  as an isolation centre, as my personal quest to assist in the control, prevention,  isolation  and treatment of those diagnosed or to be treated in the course of us finding a lasting solution. This donation will stand as a gift to humanity, till we find a solution which will once again set us free from the shackles of this incurable disease. I am appealing to Nigerians to take this matter seriously because Covid-19 is real as it has claimed over one million lives in all parts of the world. The hardship is really getting harder, it may jeopardize the progress of controlling the spread of the virus. The feldral government  must provide adequate palliatives for all Nigerians, till this disease becomes a thing of the past. I also appeal for a two-week total lockdown to enable government treat existing cases and curb further spread by those who may have contracted the Covid-19. This lockdown will control all forms of movement and socialization between individuals or groups. May God see us through this dark moments. Amb Francis Agoda

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Rise to fame

The 41-year old comedian was born in Abraka, Delta State in south southern Nigeria. He started exhibiting brilliance in secondary school. As the zonal project manager of the Junior Engineering Technical Society, he designed various gadgets. This includes hovercraft, hairdryer, radio transmitter, and so on. Consequently, he won a scholarship to study structural engineering at New York University.

Agoda began his journey in the world of comedy on Delta Broadcasting Service as a mock news presenter. He was later invited to Prest Motel in Benin City to work as a standup comedian. His biggest breakthrough was when he performed at the Night of A Thousand Laughs in 2000. Consequently, he has won multiple awards. He is a United Nations Development Goal Ambassador.

More coronavirus isolation center donations

Apart from Mr. Agoda, many other Nigerians are assisting in every way they can in the fight against the pandemic. Recently, the former ex-First Lady, Patience Jonathan, handed her 200-bed luxury hotel to the federal government to be used as a coronavirus isolation center. However, the hotel believed to be worth around 2 billion naira (approx. $5.12 million) is under litigation. According to the Independent Newspaper Mrs. Jonathan said,

“This is the time we must all come together, irrespective of political differences, to assist this nation to fight the pandemic. It is a time to shun politics. I will do everything to help this great country that has also given me the opportunity to serve.”

As the number of cases grow, Nigeria is bound to need more coronavirus isolation centers. At the time of this report, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country has almost doubled in less than two weeks. The current figure now stands at 1,532 cases with 44 deaths. With the easing of lockdown by the president, many are skeptical that the worst may come sooner.

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