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This issue of gay marriage



When President Elect stated that he personally considers marriage to be between a man and woman,and supports civil unions that confer comparable rights rather than , I was in total agreement. At some point, I understood gay to be the exception not the rule but lately, not only is being gay a natural state of affairs, it is now on television, in movies and everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not homophobic. I know my share of gay people and they are decent, loving people. Being gay is a sexual preference but I don’t think that preference should require me to redefine the natural state of things. So if someone decides to marry their dog (not that I am equating a gay person to a dog), should there be any opposition to that? If gay marriage is so right then why is polygamy wrong? I see this going beyond marriage to many other things. Once the rubicon has been crossed where do we stop? Polygamy? Man wanting to marry his dog? Any disagreement on my part is equated to wickedness and seen as a desire to deny others their civil rights and their right to be happy. But I refuse to cower.

Will I want my children to be taught in school that marriage is an institution between 2 individuals whether they are same sex or opposite sex? Not at all. I am not ready for that. And then there is the issue of adoption but I won’t open up that can of worms.

I am not some religious fanatic. I consider myself a liberal on so many issues but this is one issue that I simply cannot accept. I am still stomped that South Africans accept gay marriage. I did not learn about it until now. How did that happen? If it were not for the strong fight that some who share my beliefs on this issue had put up to protect the integrity of marriage as I have known it, I will still be in the dark. All of a sudden we have to defend what a marriage and family means? I know I am tolerant of people different from me. I do not sum up an individual and fit them in a box. I give everyone a chance but I refuse to minimize the importance of the union of the opposite sex and introducing a new kind of union as part of the status quo. I insist that anything same sex is the exception.

Do you support same sex marriage?

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  1. Desiree Diamond

    November 19, 2008 at 9:11 am

    Gay marriage is a no no. It is not natural and should never be allowed. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

  2. Solange O

    November 19, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Let us take a step back for a minute and imagine a world where everyone is gay and babies are conceived in labs …

    Gay marriage is unacceptable in my books. This is how I look at it. Let the government allow people who share their life to leverage benefits such as healthcare, life insurance etc. That sharing could be 2 friends or a gay couple. But marriage should be left alone. I listen to arguments about how the law prohibited slaves from marrying and equating that injustice to this situation and I find that not only unfair but an insult. No one is saying that gay people are less of humans. No one is saying they should not practice being gay freely. We are saying that this is about a man and woman not two men and two women. Today I understand conception to be a natural process where a man and a woman share a sexual experience one releasing a sperm which fertilizes an egg. With the way things are going, we will soon have to redefine that as well. What with the woman turned man who becomes pregnant and is making headlines.

    Everyone talks about freedoms yet we refuse to set any boundaries and there should be some just as we have set drinking age boundaries and driving age boundaries to protect our kids.

  3. RYErnest

    December 1, 2008 at 2:42 am

    Nice post u have here 😀 Added to my RSS reader

  4. Mazuba

    March 16, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    The fact of the matter is that gay people will always be there so we just have to deal with it.I think that being gay is not a choice.People are born gay.Its just like the fact that we dont choose who we fall in love with .Gay people don’t choose to be gay.If they don”t bother you,why do you care?I think that if they are happy with their choice,why not be happy for them.I am not gay but I support gay marriage .

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Comedian Okey Bakassi Gives Bachelors Some Marriage Advice



Veteran comedian and actor, Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule, popular by his stage name Okey Bakassi took to his Instagram page to talk about gender equality. The short video clip directed at bachelors has since gone viral. The comedian’s qualities that disqualify a bachelor from taking a girl to the altar include,

“If you do not believe that a man and a woman have equal rights, don’t bother about marriage. Looking for a woman to worship and serve you? Do not marry an educated woman. If you are insecure and too jealous, don’t marry a woman who is beautiful.”

This advice is coming a few days after another ace comedian revealed the secret to his lasting marriage. The comedian also went ahead to list qualities that qualify a bachelor for marriage. He said,

“But if you are looking for a woman who would give and raise beautiful children with you, take you to the next level, support you in times of need, marry a beautiful woman who is hardworking and educated and has a mind of her own. Don’t carry somebody’s daughter to punish her”.


View this post on Instagram


Small expo to bachelors who are planning to marry. #realitycheck #therelationshiptherapist

A post shared by Okey Onyegbule (@okeybakassi) on

Family life

The successful comedian and actor will celebrate 17 years of marriage later this year. In 2016, the comedian celebrated his 15 years marriage by posting throwback pictures of his star-studded wedding. The comedian and his wife have three lovely children; two girls and a boy. For a while, the comedian and his family are living apart. Notwithstanding the distance, the comedian continues to live in unity with his family.

Around April 2018 while granting an interview to Sunday Scoop on the occasion of his 25th anniversary as a comedian, Okey Bakassi explained how it feels staying apart with his family. In that interview, the 2014 “Best Actor in a Leading Role (Igbo)” said,

“The reason I do a tour in Canada is to be close to my wife and kids since they are there. Of course, my family wants me to be with them every day and they always express that. But they also understand that I need to focus on the demands of my job.”

Rise to the spotlight

Okey Bakassi started showing theatrical promise as a student. While at River State University of Science & Technology, he teamed up with a few friends to start ‘Theater Kolleagues’. The sole purpose of the group was to provide entertainment for the university community. Bakassi relocated to Lagos where he met Zeb Ejiro, popular producer and director who handed him his first role. Speaking on his future in the entertainment industry the comedian said,

“Movies take a lot of time to shoot. If I don’t see a movie I like to do I’d rather focus on stand-up comedy. Whenever I see a movie that I can sacrifice my time and energy on, I will do it”.

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Nigerian Artists Give Fans A Sneak Peek To Their Private Wedding



Adekunle Gold and Simi

Two Nigerian music stars, Adekunle Gold and Simi, have been dating and keeping it a secret for a while.  Their amazing musical chemistry and on-stage harmony turned out to be the reason for the celebration of their love. Recently, the lovebirds agreed to their marriage being held in a small private ceremony with nearly 300 guests in attendance.

However, the internet was alight with the wedding pictures which were definitely a living scene from a romantic movie. The duo kept their relationship silent about it until recently. In a recent interview, the reason for keeping the ceremony private has been uncovered.

Talking about the relationship with his lady-love, Simi, the newlywed star, Adekune Gold said,

“This January, before God and our family, we vowed to do this thing called life together. Because to be honest, it’s easy to get lost in the limelight; so we definitely have a slightly obsessive desire for a private life that belongs to just us.”

This is coming after the previous YBNL singer and his lady-love released a song “Promise”. The song had absorbing and captivating wedding scenes in its video which made the fans believe it to be theirs. 

“We planned on sharing a little bit of the beginning of our forever with you. Thankfully my team got Kudus on our little Island with us to capture some of these moments for you.

“Here is ‘Promise’.”

This swooning response made Promise one of the most searched videos of the week, and will probably continue to be the center of attention for quite some time. It caught hearts of millions of in-love fans around the globe. As for many others, it was an official validation of their wedding that they would have loved to be a part of or kept updated about.

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Nigerian Comedian AY Reveals the Secret to Lasting Marriage



Celebrities are famous for having short marriages. Few years after the wedding fanfare they are either single or in another relationship. One Nigerian celebrity that has enjoyed a decade of marriage is the ace comedian, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY. AY got married to Mabel on November 29, 2008. In a recent interview, AY revealed the secret to his long marriage.

In an interview with Punch, the ace comedian highlighted the importance of marrying one’s best friend. Two important qualities of a good friend are tolerance and forgiveness. These are vital to a successful and lasting marriage. In his words,

“Staying married is not what anybody can brag about. Some people are just lucky to enjoy grace by marrying their true friends who can tolerate their excesses. My wife and I approach marriage with the idea that we will both work together on ‘being married’ every day. Staying married for me and my PA (Personal Angel) is a daily work in progress”.

Notwithstanding the couple is married for over a decade, they have been together for about fifteen years. No matter how rosy their marriage may seem, it is not without its own problems. However, when problems arise, they admit its presence and work to overcome it. The multi-talented musician made this clarification by saying,

“We don’t ignore problems when we first notice them. We work on them before they fester and explode.  Treat each other like a date and with respect too. We try not to take each other for granted”.

Not the funniest comedian in Nigeria

AY is a U.N Peace Ambassador. He has won multiple awards including the 2013 Most Creative Entrepreneur of the Year. However many Nigerians still believe he is not the funniest comedian in the country. In a response to a similar question he said,

“It is good to know that you know AY is not the funniest comedian in Nigeria. Consistency and hard work in many ways have confirmed that talent is not enough. Within the entertainment circle, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.”

From stand-up comedy to movies

AY started his career doing stand-up comedy. However, he is more popular in recent years for his comic role in movies. His first widely acclaimed successful movie is ‘30 Days in Atlanta’. Other movies he has featured include A Trip to Jamaica (2016), The Wedding Party 1&2, 10 Days in Sun City (2016), and Accidental Spy (2018).

Do you think there are are other secrets to lasting marriages? Let us know in the comment box below.

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