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The Current Status of the Wakanda One Village Project 



African films received rather unanticipated attention when the fantasy film Black Panther was released in January 2018. It brought together the finest African cast, who showed what it’s like being an African in a world where racial discrimination is still present. This Marvel Superhero film was based on an African fantasy country referred to as Wakanda. As portrayed in the film, this country consisted of rich African diversity, a technologically rich community, breathtaking scenes, multiple subliminal languages, and valuable natural resources. Therefore, it left many wondering, is it a real country? Well, the bad news is no, Wakanda is a fictional country.

Since most people who watched the film expressed the anticipation to visit such a country, the African Union planned to build a multi-billion smart city dubbed the Wakanda One Village.

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The Location of The Wakanda One Village 

wakanda one village project

Image Source: ADDI

The republics of Zambia and Zimbabwe were kind enough to offer the UN 132 and 2,000 hectares of land, respectively, as the construction sites for this massive project in the Southern region of Africa. This land borders the two countries around the Victoria Falls. Wakanda One project aims to bring to life the fictional country, as seen in the film, but with more amenities such as learning institutions, health facilities, and better infrastructure. 

Funding and Construction of the Wakanda One Village Project

The African Union will oversee the funding of this project through the African Diaspora Global Bank that is expected to raise $5 billion to fund the project. This was announced by Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, who is the African Union Ambassador to the USA. She added that the village would be run and operated by the African Diaspora, a term representing a collection of communities who descended from native sub-Saharan Africa, living predominantly in America. 

The Wakanda One village will consist of;

  • Healthcare facilities and advanced onsite pharmaceutical manufacturing 
  • 100-bed teaching hospital 
  • University and technical college 
  • Daycare centers
  • Three 5-star hotels 
  • Game lodge (Wakanda lodge)
  • Agricultural farm
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial office buildings 

The Ambassador said that the funds would be raised through contributions made by the African Diaspora by pledging a monthly contribution of $10, which will be pooled in the investment bank.

Current Construction Status of the Project 

wakanda one village

Image Source: ADDI

Wakanda One (1) is expected to be the first phase of the whole project, which will comprise a total of five centers across the continent. The five regions are Northern Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, Western Africa, and Southern Africa. As of August 2020, not much is in the mainstream regarding the construction progress of the first phase of the project. More so, comments on this article show that many are in the dark since the project doesn’t have a social media presence apart from their website, ADDI

African Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI)

Following the Wakanda one village project’s announcement, Dr. Arikana launched the ADDI movement that was to act as the meeting point of all African Diaspora passionate about going back home. The bold mission of this movement is to build a ‘one-stop-shop’ for Africa in the name of Wakanda 1. Currently, donations and investments into this project are underway, with the majority of Africans in Diaspora showing concern for the agenda.  

The movement is now looting for women and youth in the Diaspora in the involvement of capacity building. And since the plan is to build a sustainable village by Africans, the ADDI organization through the Ambassador Dr. Arikana, asks well-wishers to contribute to the ADDI operations fund. These funds will be used to develop and run the Wakanda village. 

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The Zambia Wakanda 1 Diaspora Summit 

In May 2020, Dr. Arikana and other Africans in the Diaspora went to Zambia, where they had organized a summit to encourage African Diaspora to invest in copper mining in Zambia. This summit was organized by the Economic Association of Zambia in collaboration with Astria Learning of the United States. The Ambassador expressed her enthusiasm in this video when she talked about the plans that are already in place to mobilize the African Diaspora youth to lead the objectives of the development agenda. 

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Although the summit’s primary aim was to encourage the African Diaspora to invest in copper mining in Zambia, plans to visit the location where the Wakanda One project is to be built was included in the agenda. The summit organizers took the opportunity to sell the idea of a one-stop African organization to the attendees of the event. 

What to Expect Moving Forward

Undoubtedly, several sectors of the economy are currently stuck due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, nations are uncertain of what will happen before the end of this year. This situation has caused much lag in plans underway, such as the Wakanda One Village construction. We are hopeful that virtual conferences are still going on among the project leads and online campaigns meant to encourage the African Diaspora to subscribe to the agenda. Even though the actual construction might take a while to commence, planning in terms of prototyping and drafting is still ongoing. And here at African Vibes, we are all about tracking positive efforts in the African region, so be sure to stick around for more updates. 


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