Rate This Look: Beyonce Knowles in 'Ankara' Costume at a Rio Video Shoot

4 thoughts on “Rate This Look: Beyonce Knowles in 'Ankara' Costume at a Rio Video Shoot”

  1. julie says:

    I think she looks horrid and cheap. In getting to know a little bit about Nigerian culture, I thought the women there were more modest and dignified. As far as what the eye can see in this pic, she might as well wear nothing at all.
    I’m disgusted.

  2. tomtom says:

    errrrmmm we are modest and dignifed women thank you very much ” julie”, i dont think it looks cheap at all… the style beyonce chose did not do ankara justice, but still from what i can see the material itself suits her!!!! i guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it looks properly when the video comes out!!!

  3. tomtom says:

    infact i just went surfinggggggg the net and saw more detailed pics of beyonce in this and other ankara outfits….she looks beautiful…. u go bee,i take back my last statement…and by the way ankara is not just worn by nigerian people, so you cant immediately pin point the nigerian culture and randomly blame nigerian women because of the choice of styling from a single individual aka beyonce.


  4. SistaSoul says:

    The designer behind this is Boxing Kitten:

    Not too crazy bout the outfits on Beyonce, Doesn’t do the culture any justice, way to Westernized.

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