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9 Creative Natural Hair Blowout Ideas To Straighten Hair With No Heat



One common challenge almost every naturalista has to grapple with is the tangles that come with natural hair. The tighter your curls, the more challenging the hair becomes. Using heat to straighten your natural hair to make it more manageable is not terrible in itself but if not done properly, your hair can be heat damaged and once your hair is damaged, you might as well take it to the chopping block and start over.

So if using heat is not the best option, what do you do to straighten or blowout your natural hair? We have compiled 9 of some of the most creative methods you can use to blowout you natural hair without heat.

9 Methods to Straighten Natural Hair Without Heat

#1 African Threading

African threading is not a new concept. As a matter of fact it is quite common in different parts of Africa. It is used to style hair and can be used to straighten or blowout the kinkiest of natural hair curls. For a better stretch, section your hair into smaller partitions.

Simple Hair Threading – Suggested Products

Hair Threading with Latch Hook Ends – Suggested Products

#2 Hair Banding

Hair banding is very similar to threading, however, instead of using thread, you use rubber bands to band and stretch the hair. It is best to start with hair that has been washed and conditioned and then detangled. Thicker or shorter hair will require more partititions.

Hair Banding on Medium Hair – Suggested Products

Hair Banding on Long Hair – Suggested Products

#3 Twist Outs

Doing a twist out in combination with a bun can give your tight curls a really good blown out stretch that will be manageable.

Twist, Loc and Bun Method – Suggested Products

Twist and Pin – Suggested Products

#4 Braid and Bun

Instead of doing a twist out, you can do a braid and bun and still achieve a similar stretch.

Suggested Products

French Braid – Suggested Products

#5 Bantu Knot

Bantu knots are very stylish and can be used as a base for many different naturalista looks. They can also be used to give a blown out look.

Bantu Knot Blowout – Suggested Products

#6 Curlformers

Curlformers have been the rage for some time now.  They are easy to install and are a good way to achieve heatless curls and a blown out look. They dry quicker as compared to perm rods and flexi-rods.

Curlformers Hair Straightening – Suggested Products

#7 Roller Set

User Roller Sets is another way of straightening your hair. This method will also give you volume.

Roller Set Blowout – Suggested Products

#8 Hair Wrapping

Hair wrapping simply transfers wrapping methods used to preserve straightened hairstyles. This method is most effective on hair that has loser curls. It will be more challenging to work on Type 4c hair.

Dry Wrap – Suggested Products

Wet Wrap – Suggested Products

#9 Rubber Plates

Rubber plates are pretty new to the naturalista scene. So far reviews suggests they are effective although they might present a challenge if you need to sleep in them.

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