DISCUSSION: If you could make a positive change in Africa for $100, what will you do?

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Responses from our Digital Edition:

“I’m not sure if $100 can make much of any difference in Africa. When I think of Africa’s problems, it becomes overwhelming. What will $100 do to stop AIDS? How many children will it educate? Will it create good governance? A million dollars more can make a dent in some village but $100 is a joke.” —Joel

“I will donate my $100 to a micro financing organization such as Kiva, Grameen or any of the many organizations out there. This way, my $100 can help people over and over and over again. I think this is the best way to give because personally, I attribute many of the problems in Africa to a lack of jobs and poor economies. If people had jobs, their kids will be educated, they will be able to afford healthcare etc. So with my $100, I will select women from the micro financing organizations who need just the little I have to offer to boost their businesses. When they pay me back, I will find the next woman to help.” —Vana


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