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20 Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Women



Africans in the diaspora love to connect with their roots through culture, style, and more. Braided updo hairstyles are just one of the many styles that black women can rock to appreciate their culture. There are more than 50 natural updo hairstyles for natural hair. These hairstyles will give you a new look, and also protect your hair from damage. Before diving into our list, it is important to answer a few important questions about braids. What are they and what are the latest styles? Read on to find out.

What are the latest braid styles?

Cornrows are the latest braid styles that black women love. Their popularity is due to their stunning appearance, and, that they protect the natural hair from damage. Hairdressers are getting artistic with cornrows. Consequently, this has led to the birth of many braid styles.

What hairstyles can you do with braids?

Some of the hairstyles you can do with braids include high buns and high ponytails. The high ponytail is popular now because of musicians like Ariana Grande who flaunt the style.

What is the easiest type of braid?

The easiest type of braid is the three-strand plait. It is as simple as it can get. You just need to divide your hair into three parts and pull them over each other to make a neat braid.

How do you make braided hairstyles?

Most braided hairstyles involve dividing the hair into three parts. Then you cross the lines around each other. As you progress, you can add a little amount of hair to make it neat and fuller going downwards. The technique depends on the style. Also, the approach may vary from one hairdresser to another

Here are 20 stunning braided updo hairstyles you can try

#1. Jumbo cornrows with space buns

jumbo cornrows braided updo with space buns

Photo credit: Pinterest

This braided updo hairstyle is quite simple to do. Your hair is braided into different-sized cornrows and is knot into two buns. You can get creative with the parting for an exquisite style. A pair of hoop earrings would be just perfect. The hairstyle goes well with casual wear and fits oval or diamond face shapes.

#2. Snail braid updo

snail braided updo

Photo credit: hair_i_am757

The snail braid updo requires you to sleek down your hair using hair gel. A braid is then used as an extension. The braid is fastened so that it gives a trail design starting from the front part. The rest of the hair is pinned at the back creatively. You can use minimal accessories to make it stand out. This braided hairstyle is popular among brides in their white gowns. 

#3. Crown braid

crown braid hairstyle

Photo credit: Pinterest

This updo hairstyle is effortless to achieve. All you need is a braided hair extension. The braided hair is laid around your head and held in position using pins. Style your frontal using a gel. You can decorate it using gold or animal print hair accessories to make it stand out. The hairstyle fits perfectly with minimal makeup and clothing.

#4. Afro ponytail with braids

long curly black hairstyle

Photo credit: Pinterest

To achieve this look, you will need a braid extension to make the hair fuller. Here you alternate between big strands of braids and smaller strands. Do this all the way around your head. Each braid starts from the end and moves to the crown. Finally, hold them together and add a fluffy attachment which you’ll allow to flow down your head. The updo can last a week or more. However, it needs constant retouching.

#5. Upside down chunky cornrows with a bun

upside down braided updo hairstyle
Photo credit: Pinterest

This updo hairstyle can suit a long face or diamond shape face. To achieve the hairstyle, you will need your hair braided in chunky feed-in cornrows which are slightly smaller at the bottom. The cornrows are then tied into a fancy bun. The updo can only last a few days, but you can constantly redo it considering the fact that it doesn’t take time to come together. Use bold earrings and neckpieces to accessorize.

#6. French Braid Updo

french braid updo

Photo credit: Pinterest

The French braid updo is a common hairstyle in weddings for the bride. However, this updo hairstyle can be worn as an everyday hairstyle. It is perfect for long, diamond, or heart-shaped faces. You can use accessories such as earrings, and a necklace to make a bold appearance. One of the most remarkable features of this hair is that you can use colored extensions. 

#7. Two strand cornrow braid updo

two strand braided style

Photo credit: @jazitup

This updo hairstyle is achieved by sectioning your hair into two equal halves. You can get artistic with the parting—straight, curvy, or zigzag. Furthermore, you need to braid both sides of your hair neatly to achieve this stunning design. The hairstyle is perfect for casual outfits. If you are not comfortable with the length, you can twist them together and roll them up to your nape. 

#8. low braided bun updo

low bun braided hairstyles

Photo credit: Pinterest

Jumbo braids are easier to make and less painful than the smaller ones. The updo will fit a round face, is easy to do, and is highly affordable. For this fabulous look, your hairdresser will section your hair into four or five. Each section is braided separately, running from the front to the back. Bring all the strands together and twist them into a bun on your nape. The good thing about this braid is that you can wear it with any outfit (casual or official) without looking out of place. Is it something you would want to try? Let us know in the comment box below.

#9. Cornrows with a sleek ponytail

cornrows with a sleek ponytail

Photo credit: Pinterest

Cornrows are a hot trend at the moment. Not only is the style dead gorgeous, it is also long-lasting. To achieve the updo, you will need to get your hair braided in big and small cornrows. Also, you can add in different designs. Once, your hairdresser is done with braiding they can use some strands of hair from the extension to wrap around the bun. This hairstyle fits round, diamond and oval shape faces. Wrap the hairstyle up by wearing statement earrings and neck pieces.

#10. High bun with braided side strand

high bun style

Photo credit: Pinterest

We are not all blessed with long , thick hair. However, that should never stop you from looking gorgeous. In this hairstyle, you will need to braid a strand or two on each side of your head. Rather than the strands running from front to the back, they run from the side all the way to the top of the head. Next, bring the rest of the hair to the top of your head. The rest of the hair is gelled. You can introduce matching hair extensions to the top of the head and twist it into a nice knot. You can accessorize it using hair clips and wear hoops to make the look stand out. This look is perfect for people that don’t enjoy having their hair all over their face.

#11. Half braided updo

20 Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

20 Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Women – Photo credit: Romance C.

Stitch lines are some of the trending hairstyles right now. This style fits all the face shapes as long as your hairdresser gets it right. To achieve this hairstyle, the hairdresser needs to braid stitch lines on your hair using braid extensions. The cornrows are done half way on your hair and the rest of the hair extension is left cascading down on your shoulders. This should be your go-to hairstyle when you want to stand out.

#12. Fancy cornrow bun

fancy cornrow bun

Photo credit: pearlthestylist

Do you want a fancy hairstyle? Try this particular updo. It is perfect for people with oval and diamond face shapes. For this style your hairdresser will need to part your hair into creative designs of your choice and braid beautiful cornrows. Regular cornrows have furrows in-between braids. However, this particular one has smaller braids in the furrows feeding the main braid. The endings should be long enough to make a bun. Lay your edges using hair gel. This style can last up to 4 weeks as long as you oil your scalp and sleep in a satin bonnet. 

#13. Braided bun with curvy partings

braided bun with curvy patterns

Photo credit: Pinterest

There are many creative hairstyles which you can choose to wear. One of them is this bun with curvy partings. This particular updo requires your hairstylist to make curvy partings before braiding your hair. The braids are made longer, towards the end, and then rolled into a bun.  This is a perfect office look and it fits round or heart-shaped faces.

#14. Goddess cornrows with rings

20 Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

20 Stunning Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Women – Photo Credit: Tamika braidbarbie

Just like the name sounds, this style will make you look and feel like a goddess. This braided updo hairstyle is an artistic representation of a combination of jumbo and small stitch lines. The hair extends into a frizz which gives it a fuller look. Unlike the picture, you can pull the frizz and tie them into a knot. This is a versatile style perfect for any indoor or outdoor occasion. Throw in some big loop earrings, and see yourself turn into the queen that you ought to be.

#15. Crisscross jumbo braids with side cornrows

criss cross jumbo braids with side cornrows

Photo credit: Pinterest

Here, the parting of the hair is such that it forms a big X. The merging of the ‘X’ is at the top of the head. The rest of the hair is plaited into smaller braids that feeds into the big X. In addition to being unique and attention grabbing, this braid can last an upward of 4 weeks. While this may not be suitable for those that work in official settings, high school teens and college students can use this hairstyle to buy friends. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed how it will work. 

#16. curly updo with a crown braid

Photo credit: 1.2.wp.com

This style is perfect for any naturalista. To achieve the curls, you can do Bantu knots, twist-outs, or use rollers. You need to part some hair around your head and braid it to come up with the crown. Use hair gel to lay your edges down into curvy patterns. The style can suit all face shapes. Although this is a simple style, it still gets you all the attention that you need. Even more interesting is the fact that it can fit into any environment.

#17. Two strand butterfly braid

two strand butterfly hairstyle

Photo credit: Pinterest

There’re days you just want to be in and out of the salon in a jiffy. This butterfly hairstyle is great for such days. It is easy to achieve and suit all faces. For this updo, your stylist will need to braid two strands of the jumbo cornrows. The cornrows will meet behind to create one long extension. Although in the picture the lady allows it to fall freely, you can fold it and pin it to the top of your head. Would you want to try out this style? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below.

#18. Twisted Updo

twist updo

Photo credit: Pinterest

This is one of the braided hair updos that will make people to marvel at the complexity. Obviously, only the best hairstlyists will be able to pull this one off. Also, prepare mentally to spend awfully long hours in the salon. Your hairstylist will braid your hair from both sides of the head till they meet at the middle. The stylist will then merge them into a bigger braid that runs from front to back like a mohawk.

#19. Jumbo Feed with fluffy end

jumbo feed in braids with ponytail

Photo credit: Pinterest

Traditionally, braids run from front to back in fairly consistent or increasing thickness. This style deviates from the norm. It starts thin from the front and gradually expands as it goes backwards before opening into fluffy loose curls. This is a quick fix hairstyle and is perfect for the times you don’t want to stay at the salon for too long. You can wear this style for 2-3 weeks.

#20. Braided Mohawk Updo

mohawk updo

Photo credit: Pinterest

This hairstyle updo began gaining popularity after singer Janelle Monae rocked it to the red carpet on many occasions. The style is perfect for weddings or any informal occasion. To achieve the style, your hairstylist needs to sleek down your hair in a single strand at the centre. Next, your stylist will hold down the braided extension using hairpins. There is a kind of confidence that full-hair gives and this is not an exception.


Braided updo hairstyles makes you look beautiful. Also, they provide protective styling. However, what we love most is the variety of styling available for braided updo. You can decide to wear different styles every two weeks without repeating a style for a whole year. But, you need to make sure that you are wearing a style that matches your face. Is there a braided updo hairstyle that you want to see on this list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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