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Soccer Mom Palin looses debate to Biden



Don’t get me wrong, Palin put up a decent fight especially with my expectations below ground zero. She came with style (loved her suit), energy and very well memorized lines. Did she earn some points? You bet she did. I was pleasantly surprised when she held her own except that she did not answer any question she was asked. She didn’t even address any of my concerns as a middle class American. All she did was stick to her script. I wonder what will happen if God forbid she is VP of this great nation and has to stand in as President on the fly. God forbid that happens because I get the chills for just thinking it.

While Palin is the freshest looking of all 4 people on the ticket, I just think at some point she needs to be fair to the American people and just come up with a great excuse and step down.

Who do you think won the 2008 Vice Presidential debate?

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