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Delicious Ogbono Soup By Nigerian Lazy Chef

Yields8 ServingsPrep Time20 minsCook Time12 minsTotal Time32 mins

Delicious Ogbono Soup By Nigerian Lazy Chef

For Meats!
 1 small boiler hen cut into small sizes
 ½ tbsp dry grinded chili pepper or red pepper flakes
 1 maggi crayfish or any bouillon
 salt to taste
 1 tbsp crayfish
For Soup
 10 tbsp ground ogbono
 1 small boiler hen
 1 small smoked chicken
 3-4 medium sized pieces of smoked turkey
 2 large pieces of dry fish or 6 small pieces
 1-2 tbsps of dry grinded pepper or chili flakes
 80 ml palm oil
 2 tbsp crayfish
 1 disc of dawadawa(optional)
 ½ knorr or any bouillon cube(optional)
 3-4 cups water leaf or water cress leaves
 2 tbsp uziza leaves or spicy curry leaves
 salt to taste

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