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Miss Algeria 2019 Is Black, Racist Trolls Are Attacking Her But She Won’t Back Down



The newly crowned winner of Miss Algeria beauty pageant has hit back at critics who have hurled racial abuse at her because of her skin color.

“I will not back down because of the people who criticised me,” Khadija Ben Hamou told Algerian news site TSA.

Slurs about her dark skin colour, nose and lips have been made on Facebook and Twitter.

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Darker-skinned Algerians face discrimination in the North African state.

Ms Ben Hamou, who comes from the southern Adrar region, said that she was proud of her identity and winning the competition.

“I am honoured that I have achieved my dream, and I am honoured by the state of Adrar where I come from,” she said.

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Rwanda Cracks Down On Skin Bleaching. Guess Which African Country Has The Most Skin Bleachers?



Skin bleaching is a billion-dollar industry in predominantly black countries, but some governments want that to change.

Rwanda is one of them. Pointing to the chemicals’ harmful health effects, the country has begun a crackdown to enforce its ban on bleaching agents, especially hydroquinone and mercury, that are found in cosmetics.

According to the World Health Organization, 61 percent of the dermatological market in India consists of skin lightening products. In Nigeria, 77 percent of women use skin lightening products regularly, and in South Africa 59 percent do so, the health agency found.

Skin bleaching bans by African countries is a good start but the underlying issues around colourism and beauty definitions are very real and still need to be confronted. Click To Tweet

ALSO READ: Miss Algeria 2019 Is Black, Racist Trolls Are Attacking Her But She Won’t Back Down

“We have been conducting inspections on cosmetics to ensure that they are hydroquinone- and mercury-free,” Simeon Kwizera, a spokesman for the Rwanda Standards Board, said in a phone interview on Wednesday. “We are seizing some cosmetics, inspecting the shops and markets and advising the sellers.”

In Rwanda and other countries, people use cosmetics to bleach their skin because they feel that lighter skin is the ideal or indicates higher social status. Dark-skinned people do not necessarily see people like them in billboards, movies and advertisements, and dark-skinned celebrities sometimes grow more popular after bleaching their skin. This all makes it easier to believe that darker skin is of lesser value or is not considered as beautiful.

In 1983, South Africa banned all but 2 percent hydroquinone creams. In 2015, Ivory Coast banned all skin whitening creams, and in 2016, Ghana began a ban on certain skin whitening products that include hydroquinone. Rwanda instituted its ban in 2013 but had not strictly enforced it until November, when the crackdown began.

To get around these bans, some cosmetics manufacturers, eyeing the opportunities for profit, change the name of the agents in order to sell their products, according to Mr. Kwizera.

“Some manufacturers cheat the customers,” he said, by doing things like creating numerous fake brands. “They forge more than 80 names just to change the name.”

Mr. Kwizera said he believed products with hydroquinone were mainly being smuggled into Rwanda.

The country’s president, Paul Kagame, endorsed the crackdown on Twitter, calling skin bleaching unhealthy.

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This Young African Is Trending As The Most Beautiful Girl In The World



Jare Ijalana (Photo by Mofe Bamuyiwa)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and in this case, a large number of social media beholders have dubbed this gorgeous 5 year old as the “most beautiful girl in the world”.

Official images of Nigerian girl, Jare Ijalana were shared on Instagram and Twitter by photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa last week. “Oh yes she’s human! She’s also an angel!” the Lagos camerawoman captioned one of the portraits of Jare.

Jare Ijalana (Photo by Mofe Bamuyiwa)

The images were shared on the photographer’s Instagram  with the following caption on one of them.

I’m pretty excited and elated about my new style of child portraiture. Before I thought of Photographing the @the_j3_sisters , I have had frivolous ideas of how I can make artsy portraits of kids And do away from the norm. The opportunity came and I had to take a bold step to express my ideas of how I want to take portraits of kids.

Jare Ijalana (Photo by Mofe Bamuyiwa)

With piercing eyes, beautiful complexion and gorgeous hair, the child is being revered as “doll-like,” “true work of art” and “absolutely stunning.” The three portraits of Jare have garnered nearly 50,000 likes and thousands of comments on Instagram.

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Miss Ghana UK 2017 Winner and the 15 Beauties She Competed Against



Sixteen young women representing different Ghanaian tribes with their authentic African Style participated in the 2017 Miss Ghana UK Pageant and a beauty from Northern Ghana took home the crown.

And The Winner Is … Sabina Lawabea Awuni

5 Facts About Sabina Awuni

Background/ Tribe: Northerner – Frafra people ~ Occupation: Instructor Training & Development Administrator

The Other Contestants

Rachel Osei-Tutu

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti ~ Occupation: Student

Francyn Amuah-Fuster 

Background/ Tribe: Fante, Cape Coast ~ Occupation: Accounts Assistant

Sveta Nana-Ama Ankomah

Background/ Tribe: Fante ~ Occupation: Cardiac Physiologist

Gail Charlotte Araba Nkrumah Hammond

Background/ Tribe: Fante ~ Occupation: Retail Banker

Natalie Ohema Akosua- Anokyewaa Wireko

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti and Brong Ahafo ~ Occupation: Fully Qualified Teacher

Janet Mamme Adjoa Osei-Berchie

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti ~ Occupation: Graduate Design Manager in Construction

Amanda Nana Nyarko Abronoma Owusu

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti ~ Occupation: Business and Management Graduate/Freelance Hairdresser

Abigail Nkrumah Nsuapim

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti ~ Occupation: Recruitment and Resourcing (Human Resources)

Suzanne Araba Rachel Diamond

Background/ Tribe: British & Ghanaian (Fante) ~ Occupation: HR Administrator

Maame Abenaa Ataa Serwaa Brobbey

Background/tribe: Ashanti and Bono ~ Occupation: Law student

Sheryl-Ann Akosua Ohene-Odame

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti ~ Occupation: Teacher of Mathematics (Secondary School)

Priscilla Akosua Boatemaa Owusu

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti ~ Occupation: Screenwriter | Music video & Film Producer

Esther Henewaah Arthur

Background/ Tribe: Ashanti ~ Occupation: Business Management student

Karen Maame Yaa Obeng-Asamoah

Background/ Tribe: Fante/Ashanti ~ Occupation: Criminology Student

Eyram Eiko Afua Ahorsu

Background/ Tribe: Ewe & Ga ~ Occupation: Undergraduate Psychology Student

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