Khouloud Errijaji

was born and raised in Marrakech Morocco and has lived in Africa, Europe, and United States as a fashion .

She loves  to travel and has a passion for fashion.  Her experiences range from movies to fashion shows around the globe. Some shows she has been in include: Columbus is fashion, walked for Dr Mojo fashion show and Columbus fashion week 2008 . She speaks French, Arabic, and English and has a degree in hospitality and tourism from ITHT in Morocco.

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3 thoughts on “Khouloud Errijaji”

  1. kamal says:

    just to let u know she never been in europe she needs to be honest she came from maracech to orlando working fr amoroccan restaurant in moroccan pavillon in world disney

  2. Mounya says:

    Just to answer you comment Mr. Kamal, the fact that she has been in Europ befor or not is not really the matter,what really matter is the level that a person has reached in his career and the way he increase his self.If you wanna talke really about honesty be honest with your self and look @ what Khouloud did realised in her life inestead of just creticizing people.
    Negative people never grows up

  3. Sara says:

    The fact that mister Kamal took the time to comment negatively on this positive post about this young lady, obviousley with a very poor English dictation, shows exactly what he has achieved in his life which is: NOTHING. Even more amazing is the fact that this person is so sure about where she has been or lived ALL her life which brings me to this question; how the hell would you know that?either or, I suggest he starts with learning how to spell Marrakech it was spelled on the top for you, but you still spelled it wrong. You are a real winner my friend.

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