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President Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Disputed Election Re-run and Kenyans React on Twitter



President Uhuru Kenyatta casts his vote during the general elections. Kenyatta was the declared the winner of the disputed rerun of Kenya’s presidential election.
Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Despite low voter turn out, Kenya’s electoral commission has declared President Uhuru Kenyatta the winner of a re-run of the country’s presidential election.

He won 98% of the vote with turnout at just under 39% – less than half that recorded in August’s vote, according to the election commission.

Mr Kenyatta was also declared the winner in the August vote, which was annulled because of “irregularities”.

The unprecedented decision from the Supreme Court cancelling the result did not attribute any blame to President Kenyatta’s party or campaign.

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Twitter Reactions to Kenya’s Election Results

There have been mixed reactions as expected on Twitter. While some refuse to concede to Kenyatta’s victory, there are those who really just want the country to get past this bump and move forward.


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