DISCUSSION: Can money buy love?

moneyloveMany women want to be wooed still with gifts and treats that cost money. Men do not want to carry the load of covering household bills on their shoulders alone. And if asked the criteria required for settling down, many men and women will require a partner who earns a certain minimum.

Is it possible to use money to make someone love you?

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6 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Can money buy love?”

  1. Perk says:

    No money can not buy love but the truth is that we do not know what our girls are turning into they look like money can win their heart and make them love. for me No it can not buy true love

  2. limbepikin says:

    Oh, absolutely, money can buy love. But when the money is gone, so is the love. See ya!! It is like paying for a car, house or an apartment; the day you stop paying, well…. you know the rest. So my answer is definitely no. Money cannot buy love. Not true love, anyway.

  3. Lo says:

    @Perk……girls? These days woman are making more money than men…..have never heard of a kept man?
    To answer the question….temporary, yes but over time your money will not be enough

  4. Slim says:

    To a layman, a player: yes, but to someone like me, whose love is extremely expensive that even combination of billionaire’s money on this planet, earth cant buy: no. Love is not a riddled thing that can actually be bought over from me except I wish to give it out willingly to a responsible fellow. Thank you.

  5. rosine says:

    They say “at the heart of every woman is a prostitute”
    And also “Every woman can be bought, the difference is just the price”.

    My love has never been bought, but maybe its because I’ve never met any one who’s proposed to pay a price that has sounded tempting enough, but I still think love can be bought with money.

  6. fhemmy49 says:

    love is so complicated at times.i blive once d drive is money then love starts dying.try stopping all d gifts u give your girl or tell her ure broke for instance then see wat happens?

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