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Malawi Tourism


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It is Malawi’s remarkable variety of experiences that is its greatest asset. Whilst Lake Malawi dominates the country, this is not a country of a singular experience. It is the mixture of beautiful Landscapes, fascinating Wildlife, the alluring Lake Malawi, and rich Culture that combine to make this small country such a wonderful place to visit. There are few countries in Africa that can offer this level of variety, and it comes in a small, easy to access and friendly destination – a real gem.


The jewel in the crown of the country’s tourist experiences is Lake Malawi, “discovered” by the missionary-explorer Dr David Livingstone just over 150 years ago. Although totally landlocked, Malawi is not denied its “inland sea”. This vast body of freshwater fringed by beaches of golden sand is not only a scenic wonderland but it provides water sport opportunities for those looking for something beyond sun, sand and swimming.


Malawi is blessed with a rich diversity of flora and fauna and has no less than nine national parks and wildlife reserves. Whilst it may not have quite the sheer numbers of large mammals as some of its better known neighbours, it makes up for this in other ways. Malawi provides intensive and exclusive wildlife viewing in unspoilt areas of genuine wilderness. Previously perceived as a weakness, public-private partnerships in recent years have transformed Malawi’s parks & reserves. Programmes of re-stocking and increased protection have resulted in a boom in wildlife numbers and the emergence of high quality safari experiences.


Malawi has a massive diversity of beautiful landscapes. The highest peaks in Malawi touch 10 000ft (3 000m) while the lowest point is barely above sea level. This range of altitudes in a small area help to make the landscape of Malawi one of the moist varied in all Africa. It is generally a green, lush country, with plateaux, highlands, forests, mountains, plains, escarpments and dramatic river valleys. The variety of scenery is a major attraction to visitors and many of the highland areas and forest reserves have good accommodation options, and plenty of outdoor activities available.


The Malawian people are, without doubt, its greatest asset: friendly and welcoming to a fault. Every visitor is met with a smile and the warmth of the welcome is genuine and long-lasting. There are number of places of particular cultural and historical interest, but all travel will include some element of cultural experience because engagement with local people is very much part of any stay and it is that natural cultural interaction with real (and very friendly!) people in real villages that is usually the highlight of any visit.


Malawi has a growing number of events that take place annually around the country. The internationally-renowned Lake of Stars Festival, the Likoma Island Festival and the Mulanje Porter Race are just a few of the popular events. Click here to see the full events calender.

Sports & Leisure

Malawi may be known for its thrilling safaris, stunning lake, beautiful landscapes, and captivating culture, but there are also other sports and leisure activities available including golf, spas and yoga retreats.




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