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Ankara Inspiration: 16 Looks from Vlisco’s Woven Wisdom That Will Jazz Up Your African Style



In the world of Vlisco’s woven wisdom, fascinating features in textiles and nature are examined and given a bold new interpretation. This African Style Print collection which kicks off 2016 was inspired by the techniques and woven pattern results from knitting. This age-old technique is breathing new life into the fabrics while homage is paid to the 50’s, using silhouettes from that time in their ready-made African fashionable garments.

African Style – Look#1

African Style – Look#2

African Style – Look#3

African Style – Look#4

African Style – Look#5

African Style – Look#6

African Style – Look#7

African Style – Look#8

African Style – Look#9

African Style – Look#10

African Style – Look#11

African Style – Look#12

African Style – Look#13

African Style – Look#14

African Style – Look#15

African Style – Look#16

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