Read the public declaration this 21 year old South African made on Twitter

A few days ago, 21 year old South African, Saidy Brown shared the following message on her twitter feed

“When I found out at 14 that I was HIV-positive, I didn’t think I would live to see 18, I am turning 22 this year.”

Since tweeting those words, over 8000 thousand people have re-shared her hopeful message, with many praising her courage for speaking publicly about her own experience with the virus.

In an interview with BBC, the 21 year old shared 

“When I was younger, I was so scared of how people would perceive me.

“But now I’ve grown and people’s opinions really don’t phase me. I think emotionally I’ve become stronger.

“I started disclosing it when I was 18. 

“I’m in a relationship currently. It’s very amazing because usually I disclose right at the beginning of the relationship.” 

“So once the person decides that they want to stay with me then it’s all good, but if they decide to leave, it’s still fine.

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