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Amazing 26-year-old Ghanaian neurosurgeon resident makes history at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital



There is that prevailing bias that science is a white man’s thing as much as the rosary is the Pope’s thing. The pages where the likes of Isaac Newton, Einstein and the scientific rest reside in the books of history don’t have many African names written in them.  Africa is sadly that malnourished of elite scientists, laboratories are almost deserted that one may be tempted to ask: Is it that the African brain lacks sufficiently sophisticated CPU to carry out terabyte (very heavy) scientific thinking?

Well, we have a resounding “No” in the achievements of the 26 year old Ghanaian Nancy Abu-Bonsrah who has reached the resplendent heights of becoming the unprecedented black female neurosurgeon resident at the globally acclaimed Johns Hopkins Hospital. Such achievement illuminates every black skin with pride. That Africans can still be a bank of brains that the world can come to lend intellectual capital from.

The lovely Nancy Abu-Bonsrah had gone through her training at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. After that she honorably ascended to becoming a resident at the hospital. Such sparkling feat enthrones her as the first black woman to be registered in the residency program of the neurosurgical department’s residency program which has so far spawned across 30 years.

“What a way to begin the Sabbath! I still haven’t processed it yet but this is such an honor and a privilege to join the department at Hopkins to begin this next phase of my career,” she rejoiced on Facebook following her groundbreaking selection.

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah has generated ripples all over the world for her meritorious achievements parting thousands of African lips into sprawling smiles. She surely had embalmed her name in history never to be rotted by time; to be remembered by all posterity for her magnanimous achievement. For that she almost drowned in an overflowing ocean of congratulatory messages on social media.

“I want to be remembered for serving my community, whether it is through providing quality surgical care or helping mentor the next generation of surgeons. Unique thing: Everything is special about the match. It will be a dream come true,” she beamed in the John Hopkins medical news release.

Tracing our adorable Nancy Abu-Bonsrah back to her family roots, we see that she is the first physician in her family leaving Ghana at just 15 to plough her medical career. Although she has a paternal inspiration from her like-color Ben Carson who sent the world reeling in admiration when he became the youngest physician in all history to head a major division at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital; where Ben Carson sits as the well deserved Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

The happier side is that Nancy Abu-Bonsrah  is not planning to ostracise Africans from her dignified services as she plans to judiciously distribute her brains to the remotest crevices of Africa dishing out her delicious surgical expertise in building well lasting medical infrastructure even in Ghana. “I am very much interested in providing medical care in under-served settings, specifically surgical care. I hope to be able to go back to Ghana over the course of my career to help in building sustainable surgical infrastructure,” she added.

This is another African that tells the world that true brains have no colour, white and black can think the same positively!

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😲 If You Are A Tanzania Female MP Who Does One Of These Things, You Will Be Banned Says Speaker of Parliament



Job Ndugai

Tanzania Speaker of Parliament Job Ndugai banned some women Members of Parliament (MPs) from stepping into parliament.  He said on September 10th that women with false eyelashes and false fingernails will not be allowed to enter the legislative house.

“With the powers vested in me by the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, I now ban all MPs with false eyelashes and false fingernails from stepping into Parliament,” he said.

He said he was also consulting with experts before deciding on whether or not to ban those MPs who make use of make-ups excessively from entering the august House.

Mr Ndugai announced the ban shortly after the Deputy Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr Faustine Ndugulile, told the House that women with false eyelashes and false fingernails face several health complications that cost the country dearly.

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Business and Development

Tallest Tower in East and Central Africa Opens for Business



Britam Tower, a 31-storey office complex in Upper Hill, Nairobi, was officially opened to the public on Friday, overtaking the nearby UAP Old Mutual Tower as Kenya’s tallest skyscraper.

The Sh7 billion tower, which sits on 1.5 acres on Hospital Road, comprises two separate buildings: a 32-storey office tower and a 15-storey parking silo with an interlinking bridge at the top floor which offers alternative means of evacuation during emergencies.

The building has a total lettable space of 350,000 square feet with 1,000 parking bays and is ready for occupation by diplomatic missions, multinationals, and financial institutions.

Britam Tower, whose construction started in early 2013 and ended in September 2017, boasts a prismic shape and at its widest it looks like a black pyramid with the top corner missing and from other views it is a more slender black prism.

The unusual design is achieved by having a footprint with four corners and then a roof with only two. The corners are crossed diagonally on the building to the upper levels as it tapers.

At 195 metres, Britam Tower is now the tallest building in East and Central Africa – and the third tallest in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We have eight high-speed lifts to travel from the ground floor to the top floor in less than 30 seconds. These are the fastest in any building in Africa,” Britam Group managing director Benson Wairegi told journalists who toured the building on Friday.

Mr Wairegi added that the building will target diplomatic missions, multinationals, and financial institutions among other high-profile tenants.

“We are really looking for institutional tenants as opposed to individual tenants,” he said.

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Here Is The Speech From The 2018 National Security Symposium In Rwanda That Has Everyone Talking



Kenyan Professor P.L.O Lumumba is known for his thought provoking speeches so it comes as no surprise that he did not hold back his assessment of Africa’s predicament.

The three-day National Security Symposium opened at the Rwanda Defense Force Command and Staff College in Musanze District with contemporary security challenges in Africa on the agenda.

The symposium brings together 45 students from 10 countries namely: Czech Republic, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

All participants hold ranks from Major to Lieutenant Colonel. Organised in collaboration with University of Rwanda, the symposium features academics, national security experts, researchers among others, and it is part of a one-year senior officers’ course offered at the college.


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