African Fish Roll (Fish pie)

Over the years I have tried several times to make fish pie or Fish roll, as is commonly called in Cameroon, but was extremely disappointed at the results. Then, one of my aunts said casually,  “Well, it is just puff- puff mixture with butter , and  sardines” and it hit me “Duh! That’s it! I decided to try my hand again at this recipe and after several disastrous results I came up with one am proud to share.

An African fish pie is a popular West African streetfood – specifically in Cameroon,Nigeria and Ghana that is made with some sort of shortcut pastry  fill with sardines and spices.   In Cameroon, it is rolled up, while in other countries it is made in the shape of meat pie (empanadas).

These tasty snacks are deep fried not baked; however for a healthy version you can bake them. The baked version would taste slightly different from the deep fried version. To be honest…  there is no comparison ,  fried fish pie is  crunchy, slightly sweet , spicy and oh so good.

It is a really all the rage  for adults and  kids, who would hurriedly leave school, in an attempt to get a piece from the ladies selling it, at the entrance of the school. It is  more convenient to buy from the street vendors than make it at home in Africa.

Maybe because  it is looked down as “poor man’s” snack.  Meat pies are the “rich man‘s version. Africans leaving abroad would classify it as a” MUST EAT” at parties- It flies off the table.




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