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9 African Plantain Recipes To Shake Up Your Weekend Or Holiday Event Menu



Plantain is the MVP of many African event menus but what fun is it if you have to make the same recipes year after year? Why not switch things up this year and tease your family and guests with some unexpected menu surprises? We have compiled a list of some mouth-watering Plantain recipes to consider.

Plantain Recipes

1 – Kelewele (Fried Plantain with Spices)

Kelewele is a popular street food that originated from Ghana. It has become so popular beyond Ghana and has many flavorful variations.


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2 – Plantain Empanada

Empanada is a baked or fried pastry with a filling. It is very similar to an African meat pie. It is mostly found in Latino and Philipino communities. However, this recipe marries different cultures to form something exciting and new.

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3 – Kaklo or Kakro (Plantain Balls)

This is another plantain recipe originating from Ghana. This recipe typically requires very ripe plantains so if you have some sitting around and were tempted to dump the platains, do not fret. This recipe will put them to good use.

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4 – Stuffed Plantains

Stuffed platains? Why not! This recipe marries many different exciting ingredients into a roasted plantain ‘canoe’ to give your palate and explosion of flavor.

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5 – Tatale (Plantain Patty)

As you must have noticed, Ghanaians love their platains so when we look around for exciting variations, we first turn to Ghana. Tatale is another Ghanaian ‘pancake’ that serves as a side dish. It usually paired with beans.

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6 – Fried Unripe Plantains

This one is a classic. The fried unripe plantains is crisp and is a good choice for those who love their crunch. Some people like it when it is just beginning to ripen so a subtle sweetness is captured in the flavor and salted for good measure. This can easily become adictive.

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7 – Poulet DG

This is a must for any plantain lover. This recipe is found in Cameroon and marries some exciting vegetables with fried plantains and chicken. 

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8 – Plantains and Beans

Make a one-pot meal out of your plantains and still come out with thumbs up. This recipe combines beans, plantains, vegetables, and your protein of choice. And don’t forget the palm oil. It makes all the difference.

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9 – Roasted Plantains

There is always room for roasted plantains on our table. It can be paired with so many different dishes. 

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