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7 Heart Warming African Breakfast Ideas For Mother’s Day



Mother’s day is once a year but for us Mother’s Day is every day. We love celebrating our mothers for all the endless sacrifices they make for our sake. There are many ways to celebrate mothers and one good way is to pick a day and make your Mama a good old African breakfast. To help you with some ideas, we have compiled 7 African breakfast recipes you can choose from to surprise your Mom.

Home Made West African Crepe

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Somali Puff Puff (Bur Saliid

Get Recipe Directions Here >>

Nigerian Corned Beef and Herbed Akara

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Tanzania Mandazi (Buns)

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North African Shakshuka 

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Cameroonian Lefombo (Sugary Donuts)

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Kenyan Creamy Honey Uji

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