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5 Sexy Faux Hawks For The Naturalista African Woman



There is nothing that shows off your sassy fashionista-ness like the mohawk. The classic version of the style was with shaved sides of your head, leaving a stripe of hair, running from the center of your forehead to the back of your head. Edgy right? we know. Just take a look at Rihanna in all her edginess … but we digress. Not every naturalista can afford to chop off good hair for a one-off hairstyle. So how do you show off your ‘bad self’ without paying your pound of hair for the look? Well, we are glad you asked because we have you covered. We have compiled videos of 5 types of faux hawks that will leave your natural hair intact and still show off your non-conforming cool side.

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Rihanna at the NRJ Music Awards

Style#1 – Braidless Crochet Faux Hawk

Why go through the strenuous effort to braid or roll up your natural hair when you can just take a short cut with crochet braids? Beats our imagination because we like the easy and quick route to looking fabulous.

Style#2 – Pony Faux Hawk


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Style#3 – Side Braided Faux Hawk

Style#4 – Puff Faux Hawk

Style#5 – Bantu Faux Hawk

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