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25 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles to Wear to Work



Whether you want to rock a ‘fro updo, a faux hawk, a twist, a bun or any classy but creative look for work, we have a gorgeous natural hairstyle for you. For best results on some of these hairstyles, you may need to start out with blown out hair.

Style#1 – Princess Mohawk

Style#2 – Natural Updo

Style#3 – French Braid Updo

Style#4 – Twisted Faux Hawk Updo

Style#5 – Twisted Updo on Short Natural Hair

Style#6 – Halo Goddess

Style#7 – Natural Hawk

Style#8 – Criss Cross Braid Puff

Style#9 – Chunky Flat Twist

Style#10 – Sleek Realistic Faux Bun

Style#11 – Easy Twist Protective Style

Style#12 – Three Step Bun

Style#13 – Braid Pomp Updo

Style#14 – Mature Protective Style

Style#15 – Twisted Pompadour

Style#16 – Quick Bun

Style#17 – Easy Classy Protective Style

Style#18 – Natural Flat Twist Updo

Style#19 – All Natural Updo combo

Style#20 – Twisted Mohawk Updo

Style#21 – Sleek Natural hair bun

Style#22 – Twisted Updo on Medium Natural Hair

Style#23 – Twisted Bun

Style#24 – Triple Twisted Updo

Style#25 – Double Twisted Bun Updo

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. osasuyi

    April 12, 2020 at 11:40 am

    wow this is so amazing i love style 15

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