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25 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles for Work



Whether you want to rock a ‘fro updo, a faux hawk, a twist, a bun or any classy but creative look for work, we have gorgeous natural hairstyles for work. For best results on some of these hairstyles, you may need to start out with blown out hair.

Style#1 – Princess Mohawk

Style#2 – Natural Updo Hairstyle

Style#3 – French Braid Updo

Style#4 – Twisted Faux Hawk Updo

Style#5 – Twisted Updo on Short Natural Hair

Style#6 – Halo Goddess

Style#7 – Natural Hawk

Style#8 – Criss Cross Braid Puff

Style#9 – Chunky Flat Twist

Style#10 – Sleek Realistic Faux Bun

Style#11 – Easy Twist Protective Style

Style#12 – Three Step Bun

Style#13 – Braid Pomp Updo

Style#14 – Mature Protective Style

Style#15 – Twisted Pompadour

Style#16 – Quick Bun

Style#17 – Easy Classy Protective Style

Style#18 – Natural Flat Twist Updo

Style#19 – All Natural Updo combo

Style#20 – Twisted Mohawk Updo

Style#21 – Sleek Natural hair bun

Style#22 – Twisted Updo on Medium Natural Hairstyle

Style#23 – Twisted Bun

Style#24 – Triple Twisted Updo

Style#25 – Double Twisted Bun Updo


Which are your favourite natural hairstyles for work?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. osasuyi

    April 12, 2020 at 11:40 am

    wow this is so amazing i love style 15

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