24 Year old Cameroonian builds the first fully touch screen medical tablet in Africa

A young engineer,, has built the first fully touch screen medical tablet that could soon save many lives. He first has to find the necessary funding to mass-produce the device. In a country that has only 30 heart surgeons for more than 20 million people, the dream of Arthur Zang, a 24-year-old Cameroonian engineer, is to facilitate the treatment of patients with a heart disease across .

Save lives

In 2010, he created a digital tablet known as : “It’s the first fully touch screen medical tablet made in Cameroon and in Africa. It’s an invention that could save numerous human lives”, explains Arthur Zang. In fact, Cameroon’s thirty heart specialists are all based in either Douala or Yaoundé, the country’s economic and political capitals. Heart patients often have to travel across the country for a consultation. Appointments sometimes must be made months in advance, leading to death of some patients.

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