2016 Rio Paralympics: African Countries Take Home 99 Medals

Raoua Tlili
2016 Rio Paralympics: African Countries Take Home 99 Medals
2016 Rio Paralympics: African Countries Take Home 99 Medals
raoua_tlili -2016 Rio Paralympics: African Countries Take Home 99 Medals
Tunisia’s Gold Medalist Raoua Tlili

The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games are over and 13 African countries accumulated a total of 99 Olympian medals (36 Gold, 32 Silver, and 31 Bronze), taking all 3 medals in 5 Athletic categories.

Tunisia took home the most medals in total. The country won 19 medals (7 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze). Nigeria took home the most Gold medals (8 total), breaking one world record in the process.

Paralympic Medal Count by African Country




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World Record Set

Nigeria’s Lucy Ejike broke women’s powerlifting -61 kg category world record. The standout world record was 133kg and was first broken by Egypt’s Fatma Omar with a 140 kg lift and then bettered by Nigeria’s Lucy Ejike with an outstanding 142 kg lift.

Lucy, who has polio and uses a wheelchair, has competed in five Paralympic Games and has taken a medal home every time, this one making her 3rd Gold medal.

Nigeria's Lucy Ejike sets new world record at the Rio Paralympics
Nigeria’s Lucy Ejike sets new world record at the Rio Paralympics

2016 African Paralympian Medalists

African countries took all 3 medals in 5 events.

Below is a list of all the African Paralympic athletes that won medals in Rio.

AthleticsWomen's Shot Put - F41TUNISIA: TLILI RaouaTUNISIA: BEN KOELLEB Samar
AthleticsWomen's Discus Throw - F40/41TUNISIA: TLILI RaouaTUNISIA: AMAIMIA Fathia
AthleticsMen's 1500m - T38TUNISIA: SAIDI Abbes
AthleticsMen's 100m - T34TUNISIA: KTILA Walid
AthleticsWomen's Club Throw - F31/32TUNISIA: BRAHMI MarouaALGERIA: GASMI Mounia
AthleticsWomen's Shot Put - F32TUNISIA: BRAHMI Maroua
AthleticsWomen's 1500m - T12/13TUNISIA: BOUSAID SomayaTUNISIA: CHOUAYA Najah
Cycling RoadMen's Road Race H5SOUTH AFRICA: VAN DYK Ernst
SwimmingMen's 100m Breaststroke - SB9SOUTH AFRICA: PAUL Kevin
AthleticsMen's Long Jump - T12SOUTH AFRICA: LANGENHOVEN Hilton
AthleticsMen's Javelin Throw - F38SOUTH AFRICA: HAMMAN Reinhardt
AthleticsMen's 100m - T37SOUTH AFRICA: DU TOIT CharlEGYPT: MOHAMED Mostafa FathallaSOUTH AFRICA: VAN DER MERWE Fanie
AthleticsMen's 400m - T37SOUTH AFRICA: DU TOIT CharlALGERIA: HAMDI Sofiane
AthleticsMen's 400m - T38SOUTH AFRICA: BUIS Dyan Neille
AthleticsWomen's Javelin Throw - F53/54NIGERIA: UGWUNWA FloraTUNISIA: AIDI HaniaSOUTH AFRICA: SITU Ntombizanele
PowerliftingWomen's +86 kgNIGERIA: ORJI Josephine
AthleticsWomen's Shot Put - F40NIGERIA: ONYE LaurittaTUNISIA: ABDELLI Rima
PowerliftingWomen's -79 kgNIGERIA: OMOLAYO Bose
PowerliftingWomen's -73 kgNIGERIA: NWOSU NdidiEGYPT: ALI Amany
PowerliftingMen's -65 kgNIGERIA: KEHINDE PaulEGYPT: IBRAHIM Shaaban
PowerliftingMen's -54 kgNIGERIA: EZURUIKE Roland
PowerliftingWomen's -61 kgNIGERIA: EJIKE LucyEGYPT: OMAR Fatma
AthleticsMen's 200m - T11NAMIBIA: SHIKONGO Ananias
AthleticsMen's Shot Put - F34MOROCCO: NOUIRI Azeddine
AthleticsMen's Marathon - T11/12MOROCCO: CHENTOUF El Amin
AthleticsMen's 400m - T13MOROCCO: AMGUOUN MohamedNAMIBIA: NAMBALA JohannesALGERIA: HAMOUMOU Mohamed Fouad
AthleticsMen's 5000m - T12/13KENYA: KIRWA HenryMOROCCO: CHENTOUF El AminTUNISIA: ALOUI Bilel
AthleticsMen's 5000m - T11KENYA: KIMANI Samwel MushaiKENYA: BII Wilson
AthleticsMen's 1500m - T11KENYA: KIMANI Samwel Mushai
PowerliftingMen's -59 kgEGYPT: OSMAN Sherif
PowerliftingWomen's -86 kgEGYPT: MAHMOUD Randa
PowerliftingMen's -97 kgEGYPT: ELDIB Mohamed
AthleticsWomen's Discus Throw - F56/57ALGERIA: SAIFI NassimaNIGERIA: IYIAZI Eucharia
AthleticsMen's 1500m - T45/46ALGERIA: NOUIOUA SamirUGANDA: EMONG David
AthleticsWomen's Shot Put - F33ALGERIA: BOUDJADAR Asmahan
AthleticsMen's 1500m - T12/13ALGERIA: BAKA AbdellatifETHIOPIA: DEMISSE TamiruKENYA: KIRWA Henry
AthleticsMen's 800m - T33/34TUNISIA: KTILA Walid
AthleticsWomen's Shot Put - F54TUNISIA: AIDI HaniaTUNISIA: NAFATI Fadhila
AthleticsMen's 100m - T12SOUTH AFRICA: NTUTU Ndodomzi Jonathan
AthleticsMen's 200m - T42SOUTH AFRICA: MAHLANGU Ntando
AthleticsWomen's 400m - T45/46/47SOUTH AFRICA: LIEBENBERG Anrune
AthleticsMen's 200m - T12SOUTH AFRICA: LANGENHOVEN HiltonMOROCCO: AFRI Mahdi
AthleticsWomen's 100m - T13SOUTH AFRICA: HAYES Ilse
AthleticsWomen's 400m - T13SOUTH AFRICA: HAYES Ilse
PowerliftingWomen's -45 kgNIGERIA: TIJANI Latifat
PowerliftingWomen's -55 kgNIGERIA: OYEMA Esther
AthleticsMen's 100m - T13NAMIBIA: NAMBALA Johannes
AthleticsMen's 400m - T12MOROCCO: AFRI Mahdi
AthleticsWomen's 1500m - T11KENYA: KOECH Nancy Chelangat
AthleticsWomen's Long Jump - T11IVORY COAST: DIASSO Fatimata Brigitte
PowerliftingMen's +107 kgEGYPT: MOSAAD Amr
PowerliftingWomen's -50 kgEGYPT: AHMED Rehab
PowerliftingMen's -107 kgEGYPT: AHMED Mohamed
AthleticsWomen's Shot Put - F56/57ALGERIA: SAIFI NassimaALGERIA: MEDJMEDJ Nadia
AthleticsMen's Shot Put - F33ALGERIA: KARDJENA Kamel
AthleticsMen's 100m - T51ALGERIA: BERRAHAL Mohamed
AthleticsMen's Shot Put - F32ALGERIA: BAHLAZ Lahouari
AthleticsMen's 400m - T54TUNISIA: GHARBI Yassine
AthleticsMen's Shot Put - F40TUNISIA: BOUAABID Smaali
AthleticsWomen's 400m - T37TUNISIA: BAHI Neda
AthleticsMen's Shot Put - F42SOUTH AFRICA: PILLAY Tyrone
AthleticsMen's Long Jump - T38SOUTH AFRICA: BUIS Dyan Neille
PowerliftingMen's -72 kgNIGERIA: INNOCENT Nnamdi
AthleticsMen's 100m - T11NAMIBIA: SHIKONGO Ananias
AthleticsMen's 400m - T11NAMIBIA: SHIKONGO Ananias
AthleticsWomen's 400m - T12MOZAMBIQUE: GOVERNO Edmilsa
TriathlonMen - PT2MOROCCO: LAHNA Mohamed
PowerliftingWomen's -67 kgEGYPT: MAHMOUD Amal
Sitting VolleyballMen'sEGYPT
AthleticsMen's 400m - T20CAPE VERDE: BARBOSA Gracelino Tavares
AthleticsWomen's Javelin Throw - F55/56ALGERIA: MEDJMEDJ Nadia
AthleticsWomen's Long Jump - T12ALGERIA: HAMRI Lynda
AthleticsMen's 1500m - T37ALGERIA: DJEMAI Madjid
JudoWomen -52 kgALGERIA: ABDELLAOUI Cherine
AthleticsWomen's Shot Put - F56/57

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