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15 Delicious African Recipes You Should Try This Easter



Easter Sunday is almost here. Celebrate with a new flavor to a family favorite or encourage your family and guests to tease their palates with exotic flavors from different parts of Africa. Here are a few dinner recipes and hearty starters.

#1. Fish Pepper Soup

This savory soup will warm the bele and prepare the palate for a delicious course.

Fish Pepper Soup

Image source Immaculate Bite

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#2 Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Another great addition to any Easter meal is the goat meat Pepper Soup. 

Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Image source AfroFoodTv

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#3. Ghanaian Kelewele


Image source Travel Food Atlas

Kelewele is a traditional Ghanaian side dish or snack of spicy fried plantains. Typically sold by street vendors, you can also cook these yourself and serve with stew or simply eat them on their own.

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#4. Algerian Mahjouba

Mahjouba is a delicious Algerian appetizer. It is a crepe made of semolina filled with a mixture of cooked onion & tomatoes. Français Mahjouba is one of the most popular street foods in Algeria. It is a sort of a pancake/crepe made of semolina, filled with a mixture of cooked onion & tomatoes. I love it served with a good helping of harissa – a North African chili paste, but of course, it is equally as delicious without.

Algerian Mahjouba

Algerian Mahjouba- Image source miammiamyum

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#5. West African Suya

Suya is a delicous Kebab, popular in West Africa. It is grilled beef with different spices. It makes for one popular appetizer across cultures.

Suya (Spicy Grilled Kebab)

Suya (Spicy Grilled Kebab) – Image source Immaculatebite

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#6. Ethiopian Berbere Chicken

If you planned to cook some chicken for Easter dinner then consider switching things up a little and incorporate some East African flavors. Berbere is a spice blend typically consisting of chili peppers, garlic, ginger, basil, and fenugreek among other spices. 

Ethiopian Berbere Chicken

Ethiopian Berbere Chicken – Image source Feasting At Home

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#7. Cameroonian Achu Recipe

Cameroonian Achu Recipe

Cameroonian Achu Recipe – Image source Immaculate Bites

Achu is a delicacy from Cameroon. In its most basic form, it consists of pounded cocoyam paired with a delicately prepared yellow soup.  The end result is a flavorful delicacy that will leave guests savoring every mouthful.

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#8. Ethiopian Beef Stew

This is another tasty Ethiopian Berbere spice recipe

Ethiopian Beef Stew

Ethiopian Beef Stew – Image source Gourmet Traveller

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#9. Nigerian Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup is a popular Nigerian recipe made with melon seeds, select vegetable, palm oil and assorted proteins. It can be paired with rice, yam, plantains, or fufu.

Nigerian Egusi Soup

Nigerian Egusi Soup- Image source All Nigerian Foods

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#10. Nigerian EdiKaikong

EdiKaikong is a delicious vegetable soup that is usually paired with pounded yam and will be a good addition to any Easter menu.

Nigerian EdiKaikong

Nigerian EdiKaikong – Image source Bella Naija

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#11. Egyptian Basbousa Cake

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t forget to include a delicious dessert. Basbousa is a good candidate.

Basbousa Cake

Basbousa Cake – Image source Team Yogurt

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#12. Zambian Golabjamoun

For Easter Dessert, why not try Zambia’s Golabjamoun? It is an addictive sweet potato cake.

Zambian Golabjamoun

Zambian Golabjamoun – Image source Varada’s Kitchen

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#13. Angolan Cocada Amerela

Cocada Amerela is actually not an Angolan original. It is one of the remnants of colonization that has now become infused with the culinary culture of the area. This delicious dessert is made primarily from coconut and eggs.

Angolan Cocada Amerela

Angolan Cocada Amerela – Image source 196Flavors

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#14. North African Makrout

Makrout or Makroudh is a North African dessert made with semolina, dates, and honey.

North African Makrout

North African Makrout – Image source 196 Flavors

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#15. South African MelkTert

Melktert or Milk Tart is a very common and popular dessert in South Africa with dutch influences. It is easy to make and very delicious.


South African MelkTert – Image source Not Quite Nigella

Get Recipe Here


Easter Sunday is almost here. Celebrate with a new flavor to a family favorite or encourage your family and guests to tease their palates with exotic flavors from different parts of Africa. Here are a few dinner recipes and hearty starters.

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